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JASB – třetí číslo online

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On behalf of the editorial board of the Alumni scientiae Bohemicae Society (ASB), we are delighted to announce the publication of the third regular issue of the Journal of the ASB Society (JASB) dedicated to the articles from the field of Astronomy and Astrophysics.This dedicated issue presents articles covering a range of astrophysical topics, especially those connected with the interaction of stars and their variability. Both symbiotic stars and their smaller cousins, cataclysmic variables pro- ducing nova events studied in two of the presented art- icles, represent unique astrophysical laboratories. Their examination might help to resolve many questions of stel- lar astrophysics, including mass transfer mechanisms, thermonuclear outbursts, stellar winds and jets, or the evolution of binary stars. No less important is the study of pulsations of various types of variable stars, including 𝛿 Scuti variables discussed here. The understanding of the relation between their variability period and bright- ness is essential for scaling galactic and extragalactic distances in the so-called cosmic distance ladder.The first article of this issue is invited and very relevant to everyday life on our planet. Michaela Brchnelová provided an excellent overview on the topic of the ’corona’. One should not be fooled, though. The article has nothing to do with the recent coronavirus outbreak but discusses the atmosphere of our nearest star – the Sun. However, it can be no less dangerous for life on Earth than the pandemic. Although the Sun is a very close object compared to others discussed in this issue, the processes in its atmosphere are still not fully under- stood. The challenges and also an outlook on the future of solar research is well summarized in the article.Part of the contributions was originally presented in oral format the conference Bezovec 2021–Conference of Young Astronomers’, which took place in September 2021 and was organized jointly by the Slovak Astronomical Society and M. R. Štefánik Observatory and Planetarium in Hlohovec (read more in the next section). The articles presented in this issue thus allowed the authors to further elaborate on the selected topics and present their results in the peer-reviewed scientific journal. Preparation of this issue would not be possible without the strong support of many people. Thanks are due first to the JASB editorial board, members of the ASB Society,

collaborators, and our reviewers, who guarded the aca- demic rigour of the articles.
On behalf of the editorial board, we hope you will enjoy the collection of articles found within this issue of the Journal of the ASB Society.

Jan Hrabovsky

Editor-in-Chief, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics Charles University (left)

Jaroslav Merc
Guest editor, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics Charles University (right)


6 December 2022/ Volume 3/ Issue 1

There is More Than Just One ”Corona” That Can Kill Us All………………………………………….6 Brchnelová

Orbital period of the symbiotic system AX Persei determ- inedbythemethodofradialvelocities……………14 Mártonfi

Period-luminosity relation of 𝛿𝛿𝛿 Sct stars from OGLE-IV andtheCzeVcatalogues……………………….21 Souza de Joode

Observations of Recent Novae Visible on the Northern Hemisphere…………………………………27 Dubovský, Kudzej, Medulka, Petrík, Shugarov

Photographs: Cosmonaut, generated by AI Mid-journey (P. Ludwig), Tulip Nebula located in the constellation Cygnus (T. Rektořík). Design created by labik-grafika.cz